New Tab Redirect!

New Tab Redirect!

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Sets a user-specified URL to load in new tabs.

Sets a custom URL to load in new tabs. Choose from chrome’s about pages, *NewTab, Extensions, Downloads, History*, a few popular URLs, or provide your own. Your custom tab can also be a local file, allowing you to create your own new tab page. Saving blank text will cause your new tab to be about:blank.

Files can begin with: file:\\, file://, and file:///

Important: This is not meant to replace your homepage, only new tabs. If your browser is set to load the New Tab page as your homepage, there may be odd consequences.

Please visit the developer site link below for changelog or contact information.

I thought I’d explain the lacking highlight of the omnibar in the description instead of in the comments. Google Chrome extensions do not currently have access to interact with the omnibar for highlighting after the new page is created. There is an experimental API to retrieve values and detect user input in the omnibar, but it does not allow extensions to highlight the text. I’ve tested version 1.0.1 of New Tab Redirect! across numerous developer builds, and the cursor only occasionally ends at the end of the omnibar. However, this is handled by Chrome itself and can not be modified via the extension. As soon as Chrome offers this functionality, I will implement it. Until then, it is possible to use CTRL+L to quickly highlight the omnibar.

Be sure to check the WIKI for other issues and tips:

If you love this extension and want to donate, you can do so here:

Legal Stuff:

I am not affiliated with Google or Google Chrome.
Google Chrome is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.

The ‘Popular Pages’ are taken from I am in no way affiliated with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Digg,, Slashdot, MySpace or any other page listed here. These are provided as a convenience to the user of this extension. By using those pages or any others as a replacement for your new tab, you are still bound by any agreement between you and that site or service.

Version: 1.0.5 Updated: Sunday, January 1, 2012 Language: English (United States)

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